Facebook Marketing
Are you looking for an opportunity to utilize the Facebook potential for connecting with your customers to drive sales? You would have probably heard of the need to have a Facebook Marketing Consultant to personalize the social platform page for you. Considering the wide spectrum of customer’s demands and exposure, it is believed that every company should have a platform where they can interact with their customers. With Facebook being an incredible resource, Online Chandigarh creates and personalizes Facebook Page for you so that you potentially elevate the awareness of your customer. Infact you can also convert new customers to loyal product buyers.

Reach your customers with accurate social media network!

Online Chandigarh drives the social marketing performance for different brands across the market with an aim to connect business with more customers. It is our goal to engage the right customers to generate quality leads. Facebook Marketing is becoming bigger and better. Truly Facebook has become of the biggest social face changer in contemporary society. It has revolutionized the basic fabric of every business. More and more businesses are getting connected with this social platform due to the ability it offers. Let us take a closer look:

  • Nearly 250 million photos are uploaded regularly
  • There are 3 billion likes received by Facebook every day
  • ½ billion users use Mobile App Version of Facebook
  • Over 100 billion connections of Facebook
  • Monthly activity reaches upto a billion

With these figures, if your mind has started blogging, then it is time you have your Facebook page personalized by Online Chandigarh.

Facebook Marketing Services by Online Chandigarh!

Depending on the objectives of your business, Online Chandigarh custom designs the Facebook page and campaign. Some of the basic services offered by us include:

  • Facebook consultation
  • Facebook page implementation
  • Facebook page management

We define your ideal target audience and extend services in following manner. This helps us have a distinguished image even in crowd.

  • Facebook Audience Identification – Our team helps find and target the perfect audience which includes estimated customer size and cost for advertisement.
  • Facebook Page Development – Online Chandigarh has team of connoisseurs that designs, drafts, maintains your Facebook Fan Page to meet the exact business requirement.
  • Creative Designing – Our designers create images that blend well with your business theme. They use their creative tickles in brain and design to target your audience.
  • Statistical Monitoring – Using blend of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, our team reports back on the progress that the campaign has made. This is inclusive of data reporting and who is actually engaged on the ads and your page.

Driving traffic and generating awareness is not an easy task, though it is one of the most effective ways. Add a level of interactivity to your business, reach out to Online Chandigarh for a quote.