Affiliate Marketing

Discover a new set of audience for your business

The elevating revenue of your website results and enhances the visibility of what your business is all about. However when you are working with limited margins and still driving growth, then reaching equilibrium can be difficult. Affiliate Marketing provides a cost effective marketing solution. Now since this is a daunting and tiresome job, companies tend to outsource from the experts, handing over the control of online business representation to another party.

Affiliate Marketing Management –tool for high value revenue multiplication

Adopting of proactive affiliate marketing management makes sure that only accountable affiliates are approved, thereby protecting your stake and reputation. Such marketing is based on the cost per acquisition model which means that you need to pay for conversions only. What you get from such marketing technique is access to pool of promising talent across the network, control over commissions and greater visibility, making it extremely flexible for your business to multiple the revenue.

Start, Draft, And Manage!

From the day you get access to suite of Affiliate Marketing to complete manage the campaign, we extend the following services as part of the package:

  • Set up of Account
  • Affiliate Recruitment
  • Creation of Banner
  • Affiliate Email Sending
  • Affiliate Approvals
  • Reports and Analysis
Buzzwords, acronyms, terms are significant part of the IT industry and we come across huge amount of these on daily basis. However in actual, cookies are what we deal with the most in Affiliate Marketing.

Why pick Online Chandigarh for Affiliate Marketing?

Online Chandigarh has rich and diversified experience in Affiliate Marketing solutions. Our team is ever ready to support the clients at every stage of the campaign.

  • We don’t just do SEO or PPC or SMO. We provide Affiliate Marketing solutions which are customized as per your business goals
  • We look young, but have rich experience in email marketing industry. We consistently achieve and work hard to continue this habit.
  • We care about our clients and no doubt step an extra mile to hit your business goals and target.
  • We know that the businesses need results on their investments. We happily entertain your campaigns and consider your returns as ours, while designing email marketing solutions for your company.

Everything that we do is completely measurable and we provide this with necessary statistical data to portray how each tit bit of our marketing strategy is performing. Call us or reach out to us for more details or a free quote on email marketing services.